Thursday, February 12, 2009


Squeaky Bean will turn 1 later this month. I know. It's shocking. And lately, I've been able to sense a change in her vibe. She's much less like a baby and more like a GIRL every day. It is awesome. I feel a little badly about it, but I'm way more psyched for her birthday than I have been for the boys', because you just give them another ball and a truck and they're set. But girls come with ACCESSORIES!!! So, I've been obsessed lately with what kinds of accessories I could make for her first birthday...great big flower headbands? a tiara? a baby doll? A tutu?


So, after looking at dozens and dozens of types of tutus on and googling different tutu patterns, I went with my sweet friend, Emily, to Walmart, mulled over tulle color combinations, and spent the day at her house making tutus for our girls. Here are a few pictures from our fun day.

Big flapper hairpiece, huh?

Whose tutu is floofier?

Sweet Squeaky Bean in her birthday tutu a little early.

The only problem is, I thought the tutu would BE her birthday present, but seeing her in it makes me feel like she needs even more accessories to complete the look...a wand, a hat, some leg warmers? a My Little Pony? Don't the colors just scream My Little Pony? Just one wouldn't hurt, right?