Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Movie Moment

You know that classic movie moment where a girl and a boy are running rapturously towards each other in a field of clover and wild flowers? (In slow-mo, of course). Well, I had a moment that's way better with my little Curly Fry last week.

We were on a local high school track having some family time. The boys were running around and my HubbaHubba and I were enjoying a leisurely stroll with a half-full double stroller. Curly Fry decided to catch up with us.

So, I turned and there he was, joyously running towards me down the track, his little legs going as fast as they could, a huge grin on his sweet little face. I ran towards him with my arms out, ready to scoop him up. When we met up, I picked him up. He squeezed me tight around my neck in a way only a little monkey of a kid can. I kissed his sweet curls. He squealed in delight and held on tight.

Perfect. Better than any movie.