Friday, January 9, 2009

Sad Squeaky Bean

I was planning on posting last week about my New Year's resolutions. I got derailed...

Squeaky Bean has been in the hospital since Sunday night with RSV and pneumonia. I just came home today for the first time since Sunday... We're hoping Squeaky Bean (the baby girl) will be able to come home tomorrow, but that's what we've hoped for the last couple days. She is doing better, just not good enough to be well at home, yet.

Last night when the excellent nurse turned Sqeaky's oxygen back on because her oxygen levels were falling into the low 80's, I was like, "What?! 84 isn't so bad! That's totally a B!" I guess grading scales and oxygen levels don't have a direct relationship.

She has to be eating on her own, breathing on her own, and keeping her temperature down before she can leave. We're 1 for 3 right now.

I was also going to post about all the completely free things that make me happy... I'll save that big list for later. But it definitely makes me happy that my Hubba Hubba took off every day this week to care for our boys (who are also sick, but not as bad as Sqeaky) and that his lovely mom also took off work and has been here since Wednesday afternoon to help us. What a nice Grammie. And for all the generous people who have been bringing us food and calling to check up on us, Thanks! We really appreciate you.

On a more positive note, Squeaky has learned to wave and make kissy sounds since she's been in the hospital--though not at the same time yet. =)