Tuesday, July 22, 2008

1st Song: Battle Scars

This isn't the first song I've ever written, but it's the first one I'm posting. I read once that the first 100 songs don't count, so I figure you can expect these first 100 to be stupid and I won't feel a need to explain, that I, too, think each song is largely lame, but in the interest of furthering my personal creativity, am putting it out there anyway. (Phew! Take a breath.) So, here it is, a little ditty I wrote in 2006 when I was pregnant yet again. Pretend it's a drinking song and you're all clanging rootbeer mugs together during the chorus. That's totally how I picture it.


When I came home from the maternity ward,
I thought I'd get a prize--some kind of award.
Instead, I got stretch marks and thighs that are jiggley,
A belly that's squishy and boobs much to big for me.
The body I see is not one that I recognize,
It's stretched out of shape and no part is its normal size.

Everyone says it and now I can see it's true,
"Motherhood's special--you'll see how it changes you."
It might've been helpful to know what the changes are
No hazing is like it, Check out my battle scars!
Battle scars, tummy scars, gray hairs and stretch marks...
If I were a soldier, they'd give me a Purple Heart!
Battle Scars!

Soldiers may go to war and get wounded in battle.
Their service, it matters, so we give them a medal.
I honor those brave souls who selflessly do their part,
But sometimes I think we forget how our heroes start.
There are so many women I know who are just like me,
Quietly giving their lives for their families.

Chorus: Repeats

Okay, so the second verse totally bugs me. It should be a funny one about how your house falls apart when you have kids and how I once asked my husband if he had to go "potty." I haven't written that verse, yet, though and I wanted to get this up. So, there you have it.


dubby said...

So when were we supposed to find out you had this lovely blog and all the great pictures here?

Personally, I think you need to add a verse for those great women who got the stretch marks and gave YOU the jelly-painted walls. They are heroines in my book!

Melissa said...

Love the chorus!

Rachel said...

I'm no authority on song writing but I really liked it both verses. It almost feels like you have two songs there. A fun light hearted comedy and a serious heart felt tribute to motherhood. Maybe try expanding both verses into a song on it's own.

Old Man With a radio transmitter in his car said...

Needs an arrangement with French Horns. Oh, and timpani's. Yeah, lots of horns and timpani's.

Loomi-Loom said...

I love you! I think you're so great. Keep up the good work!
You're tagged! See my blog for details.