Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Code Names

I guess we're going to use code names. Our buds know who we all are, but in case anyone else in the world happens by here eventually, they won't be able to hunt me down for any of my crazy rants. Plus, it let's me pretend we are spies. So Charlie's Angels...

I'll just stick with the one that is my blog title--Sumgreater. Though in elementary and middle school, I always wished someone would take to calling me Copperhead or Sunshine. Obviously, I was sorting out my self-image then, too. I just knew I didn't want to be called "Harriet" from Small Wonder, "Pippi," or "Cabbage Patch Doll" anymore. Honestly, that last name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue now, does it?

My hot honey is going to be Hubba Hubba for obvious reasons. Perhaps you folks could tell me what you think of our other potential names.

For our oldest boy, I'm thinking Junior Mint, Home Slice or Small Fry.

For the little curly-haired guy, maybe Curly Fry or Sugar Baby--he LOVES sweets.

For baby girl, I like either Peabody, Tater Tot or Squeaky Bean. Honestly, she is so tiny and squeaky! She even cries like a girl! I didn't expect a difference.

So, do you have any suggestions? What do you guys like? I guess I'd better send you my blog link so you can tell me. If I'd had this set up better last week, I would've polled about whether or not to cut my hair. Too late now. I've got a rad little angled bob. =) Yaaay Summer!!!


Plainbellied said...

Were you hungry when you wrote that post? That is a lot of food-related nicknames.... particularly fried potato-related nick names. I'll have to think about my nephews and neice for a while before I say which names are best.

kendralu said...

i like small fry, curly fry and tater tot. :-D

Randi Quillon said...

Hey!!! Cute blog!!! So glad to see you and your family are doing well!!

Mother 25 - 8 said...

Hey! Glad you're blogging. Love keeping up with friends!

GrowingRopers said...

i vote "one cent" for your itty bitty girl! :)

the oldet doesnt fit with "small fry" to me...hes big for his age!

Robin said...

Where's the picture of your new haircut? Don't hold out on us!

I find that, with nicknames, it's easier if 1) you use one that's already in use, that you already call your kidlets upon occasion or 2) you create names that reflect their personality or appearance. In cultures which give new names to their members (ASL communities for one), the name is easily connected to the person by all who know them. Like an inside joke. Since I haven't seen your oldest in ages and don't think I've met the other two, I'll have to decline to weigh in on proper nicknames. :)

Love the blog!

Melissa said...

Welcome to blog world!!!!! Ok, so names...I'm liking Home Slice, Curly Fry and Tater Tot.

SumGreater said...

Thanks for your good ideas! Boy #1picked Junior Mint for his code name, so the full potato theme is out. That's what happens when you give a kid choices. How about Goldilox for boy#2? Plainbellied thinks baby girl should get a more feminine name, so maybe Sweet Pea? If we go with a candy theme, we could have Junior Mint, Sugar Daddy and Tootsie Roll (Does anyone else think of the middle school rap, "and do the tootsie rolll. To the left, to the left..."?)

Pictures of the haircut will be forthcoming--for you, Robin--but my camera doesn't hook up with my computer right, so it'll be a little while. =)