Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another Song

Hi guys. This is a song I wrote in June of 2006 for Girls Camp. If it seems a bit churchy, that's why. All the other wards were singing songs like, "I Am a Child of God" and "Teach Me To Walk in the Light." I wanted to write my own. It seemed like a good goal and deadline to make for myself. The girls were troopers about it and practiced through all my strange edits. I totally wrecked a pair of shorts by accidentally setting the permanent marker on me that I was writing with because I couldn't find a pen. This one actually has a melody and everything, but I only know how to put the words here. Maybe I'll get a camcorder someday and perform for you like my rad friend, "Nerd-bucket." You should totally check out her last post from the link on the side. She is so cool.

Enough stalling.

A Witness for His Name

I read, I study and I pray
To know what the scriptures teach are true,
So I'll have the Spirit with me every day
To guide me in all that I must do.

So, like a city on a hill,
Like a candle's glowing flame,
The light of Christ will shine through me,
A witness for his name.

The power to lead is given me,
To lead to God's love or lead astray.
The light I've been given is not mine to keep;
I share it by how I live each day.


I know my Savior died for me.
What greater comfort is there than this truth?
I know while I work through my Gethsemane,
The Atonement of Christ heals every wound.



Lori said...

I am going to come over and videotape you so you can post it on your blog- I bet it would be awesome!

Charity said...

So, I've got a video camera that I can give you...if you's great, we just have 2, thanks to santa!

E-mail me:)


Jen said...

Are you going to try to get your songs published? You should! I have a few songs I wrote and made up in the past, but they turned out to be very silly or dumb! Your songs are inspirational, unlike my "Poor Coacharoach, Poor" song, or my mean rap about my sister, "TT Dog". Your songs have substance, and that is a gift...

kendralu said...

HEY! i know that one! i still have a copy of it in my wallet!

dubby said...

Beautiful song. Great job.