Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Going deaf

Today I ground about 40 lbs. of wheat into flour with my awesome BlendTec wheat mill. Unfortunately, my filter was gone, so my enitre house is now coated in a fine white film. Junior Mint walked into the living room earlier and asked where all the smoke was coming from. I had to open a window and turn on the ceiling fan to clear the air. I guess it's a good thing I never got to mopping the floor last night like I planned because I'm going to need to do it tonight. Although, if I were a better housekeeper, I'd do it every night.

Do you ever find that your children have a special gift for understanding when you're actually trying to accomplish something and do their best to thwart you? If I have a completely lazy day and read a book on the couch for hours, everyone seems to get along fine and keep things quiet. If I start doing a deep clean or cooking or talking on the phone, the kids all go berserk. Just a few minutes ago, as I talked to my sister, Curly Fry held onto one of my legs while Junior Mint held onto my waist and they both tried to knock the other off. Everyone was yelling and Squeaky Bean was just coming to join the action. I thought my ears were sore from having the wheat mill go for so long today (loud motor), but the children screaming is much worse. Now, both boys are climbing on my back yelling, "My Mommy!" right in my ears and Squeaky Bean is on my feet, crying. I guess I'd better go.

As much as I treasure my children, and truly believe that each of them is a sacred trust from God, they can make me crazy. Do you ever have trouble feeling the sanctifying power of motherhood? Man, I do.


Lori said...

I've always thought you were the one that was so awesome at tolerating that sort of thing, too!!! You seem so easy going and very apt to blocking out the noise. As much as I had always wanted to be "Mommy", the sound of it 500 times a day gets a little old. But when Andrew says "Mamma" I just melt. :)

Loomi-Loom said...

You are the bestest ever! We would start losing kids if that happened while you were away. Thanks for being so patient and kind!

Urban Tangerine said...

On the other end of the phone, I was imagining you like Mr. Incredible being covered with the growing globs that eventually overwhelm him entirely. Even superheroes have their weaknesses. I guess, yours is that you like to have an adult conversation once in a while, even if it is about the kids. ;)

In regards to sanctification as it pertains to motherhood, that definitely has to be purifying rather than cleansing because tain't nuthin' clean about motherhood.

Lagos Family said...

YES YES YES! I feel that way quite often. I often catch myself looking at Amulek and wonder how I could ever lose my patience with him... he is sooo adorable, sweet, and funny- he makes me laugh so much! But I can relate with how you feel!