Friday, April 3, 2009

Losing Doctors?

Several years ago, there was a major exodus of obstetricians out of the medical field because malpractice insurance had become so high. Now, more doctors will likely be forced out because President Obama is pursuing regulations (or the removal of regulations) that will force many conscientious medical professionals and hospitals to either perform abortions or quit practicing.

It's interesting...I didn't think gay marriage and abortion rights had anything to do with each other, but now there is a common thread--the people pursuing expanded abortion rights and gay marriage rights both seek not to only have their voice heard, but to silence all dissidents. The way gay marriage law is written, it truly endangers the religious freedoms of churches that oppose it. Now, the way abortion law is being written, it endangers the rights of medical professionals to practice according to their own conscience--particularly in regard to the credo 'Do no harm'. I hadn't thought to talk about serious subjects again so soon, but it seems this subject has a deadline, April 9th. Please go to the link below from which I'll now be quoting:
You have a vitally important opportunity to immediately send a message to prevent a critical loss of access to healthcare professionals who are being systematically pressured to violate ethical standards. Here's what's been happening:

In August 2008, the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS) took long-overdue action to address a growing crisis of abortion-related discrimination that could force thousands of conscientious healthcare professionals out of medicine. After several months of public comment on its proposed regulation, in December 2008 HHS finalized a regulation that made clear the protections offered by three civil rights laws passed by Congress with bipartisan support.

The civil rights laws declare that American tax dollars will not fund programs in which healthcare professionals are fired, penalized or otherwise subjected to discrimination because of their ethical stance related to abortion and other morally controversial issues.

However, in March 2009, following protests from abortion special interest groups, the new administration officially declared plans to rescind--get rid of--the conscience-protecting regulation. The administration has, as required by law, called for public comment on the proposed plan to get rid of the conscience-protecting regulation, with a deadline of April 9, 2009.


Urban Tangerine said...

I still need to do some reading on this topic. I haven't read the actual language so far, only commentary, but there are some pro-life obgyns who think the proposed changes will be beneficial. I'll get back to you when I have more information.

dubby said...

Who does this benefit? Okay, say you are an 18 year old who is pregnant and decides to have an abortion for whatever reason. Even so, it is a TOUGH decision and you realize there are those in society who think you are murdering your baby, even if you have (at least temporarily) become convinced otherwise.

In the room, during the procedure, are people who are forced to be there against their will who think this is murder. How much harder does that make it? How much more miserable? What if one of them makes a comment about how you will always regret this decision? What if one simply gives you a thumbs down sign? What if one gets a bubble in their tummy and makes a funny face that you interpret as being judgmental? What laws can prevent these things from happening? You can't legislate opinions.

The suicide rate of women who have had abortions in the previous year is already much higher than for those who had babies or were never pregnant. How will this law help? Who is this law intended to help? It makes no sense!