Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Junior Mint and I are working on pronouns in English. We are also working on not yelling at each other when we do school. (It's tough for us not to argue a lot since our personalities are so similar). Today, I got so mad about his nasty attitude that I left the room. Junior Mint stayed and did more of his English. He was supposed to be writing sentences using the 8 pronouns he's learned. Here are two of his sentences:

He hates his Mom.
She hates her Mom.



Cacooning said...

If you can get him to write whenever he's angry, you have got it made parenting wise. Keep up the good work :)

dubby said...

That's okay, you love him enough for both of you.

Jen said...

Try having a teenager! It doesn't get any better, they still throw tantrums, just on a bigger and crazier scale! Erick and I butt heads over his lack of commitment to taking care of himself, regarding diabetes and other stuff. He ALWAYS blames other people or things than himself, he can never admit he is wrong, until we have a big blow up and drama, then he ends up, completely blaming himself for everything... There is no gray area with him, only black or white. Out of all my kids, he is the only one that challenges me. So I try to walk out too, one time I did and went to the movies by myself. But as for you, that could be kind of hard, while the kids are so young.

We Are A Happy Family said...

You are doing GREAT. He learned pronouns.

Mike and Kelly said...

At least you know that HE has a sense of humor. What a funny kid.

Lissa Kristine said...

Make him write good sentences. For spelling I had to write "good sentences" and ultimately I ended up using the word "good" in each sentence.

Of course, this would mean his sentences would be something along the lines of:

"He hates his good mom."
"She hates her good mom."