Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dragon Lady

Have you ever turned into Dragon Lady out of nowhere? Here's me a couple months ago:

Sitting happily next to Hubba Hubba on the couch watching some goofy football game. (Happily was for sitting next to my honey, not watching football). Suddenly, the camera goes straight to cheerleader cleavage and focuses in. Then the whole line of them.

Me: Those girls are prostitutes and they're kidding themselves if they think any differently!!!
HH: Huh?
Me: Yeah! They're exploiting their sexuality and getting paid for it. They're hookers whether they know it or not!!
HH: What?
Me: Here we are minding our own business, watching some football game--good clean fun--when out of nowhere come the hoochies in mini-skirts and bras! Honestly, they know married men watch these shows! They are prostitutes!!
HH: (still stunned) Where did that come from?

Okay. If you're a cheerleader or know any very lovely and moral cheerleaders, I don't need a letter. I know I over-reacted. But like I told Hubba Hubba, I just get so angry sometimes about how satan attacks my family. It feels like there's a sniper taking shots in my window whenever we're trying to do something that is totally okay and he fires these temptation missiles right at us--mostly directed towards the men. Elder Groberg gave a talk one time and told about how satan knows he can't do anything to lessen the power of God, so he works to weaken the bearers of the Priesthood, so they are unworthy to use that power. It's a war, folks. Battle gear on.


kendralu said...

i turn into dragon lady out of nowhere ALL THE TIME! we should start a club. ::nods::

GrowingRopers said...

if i were at home u kmknow u would get a lng comment (but im at the beach typing on njakes cell). i completely agree. we have to fortify our homes against the evils tryingto lead astray. people read the BOM and things are so obvious, but they cant see it in their own lives. im so glad i have u for a friend. its not easy to find someone u see things eye to eye with.

slambert said...

I can so be a "dragon lady"! Just ask my husband and maybe even my kids! I agree that things can kind of sneak their way into our homes. I have become more aware now that I have kids, but I need to be better at keeping it out!

Jessica said...

I Jennie it is Jessica Moon your long lost adoption friend in Utah! I LOVE your blog!! You kids are all so beautiful! I still think back to the day when I first met you and we didn't have any kids and you were about to move. I have always admired you in so many ways! I hope your family is doing well. E-mail me so I can give you the link to our blog and an invite to view it. It's set to private (birth father stuff). Look forward to hearing from you! Jess