Monday, January 26, 2009

Bow Giveaway

My cute friend, Millie makes the most delicious little bows and hats. She's doing a giveaway on her blog until Wednesday. Here's the link. It's linked on the side, too, if that doesn't work for some reason.

I'm doing the giveaway thing for two reasons. 1) Millie's about the most crafty, organized person I've ever met, and if you have little girls, you'll love her bows. 2) Squeaky Bean will be 1 YEAR OLD a month from yesterday and the girl needs some serious accessories! I can hardly believe it! So, I'm hoping to win some rad bows for her by posting about it here. (Don't judge me for selling out. I'm on a spending moratorium until May.)


Urban Tangerine said...

What is squeaky bean's head circumference?

We Are A Happy Family said...

I hope you win.