Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I've been offline so much of this summer there's no way I can really catch up with what's going on with our family and what we've done, so I'm just going to do a bunch of posts with lots of random pictures. Enjoy!

Squeaky Bean is getting to be such a big girl! The pigtails still kill me! Love them!
Curly Fry and his innertube. Happy Camper.

This is Junior Mint's poker face. Seriously. He was beating mom at cards.

Ahh. My cute honey and our little Squeaky Bean. Although, the way she's been lately, maybe she should be Screamy Bean or Climby Bean.


Anonymous said...

I'm love'in It

Cacooning said...

I'm glad you updated your blog. It's fun to see all of the pictures. Baby Love should be climby bean, too, right now. We took her to Storyville yesterday and she spent most of her time climbing stairs and I took her to storytime at the library today and she just wanted to climp up and over the stacked chairs. My mother-in-law says we should just take her to Stairville and she'd be pleased to pieces. Has anyone invented Stairville yet? Maybe that's what the pyramids were for...

Again, cute cute pictures. Thanks for posting.