Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Uncle Orson's Writing Conference

My sister and I went to a two day writer's conference conducted by Orson Scott Card in early August and it was sooo cool! Here are some pictures of things we did in Lexington, VA, for two days. Hurray for our supportive husbands who kept the kids!

Me looking studious while reading writer's samples after lunch.

Scary me! (I guess there are scary ghost tours in Lexington and non-scary ghost tours.)

Scary sister!

At the Natural Bridge...obviously.

My sister with Natural Bridge behind her. We couldn't go up on it. Bummer.

Me, Orson Scott Card, and my sister! What a cool two days! I think it saved me at least a year or two of wasted writing time. He's one of my super favorite authors!

What I don't have good pictures of because it was dark was a place called "FoamHenge." A local artist remade Stone Henge out of fiberglass and foam. So fun. If you're ever headed south on 81 towards Roanoke, take the Natural Bridge exit and go see "FoamHenge". (It's about a mile before Natural Bridge on a local road.) It's totally free and if you follow the trail further, you can see all kinds of foam sculptures. Go in the daytime, though, so your pictures will turn out.


GrowingRopers said...

way to catch us up!! :) and have i ever told you how photographic you are!!?!?! you ALWAYS look so perfect in pictures! maybe its the awesome hair and freckles!?! :)

SumGreater said...

I try to only put nice pics up. I could do an ugly pictures of me post if you want...there are a lot.

We Are A Happy Family said...

That sounds so awesome. Sounds like you had a great summer. Thanks for catching us up.

Charity said...

You're just as beautiful as ever. Happy belated birthday.

Plainbellied said...

I like Junior Mint's cover shots. And you look like a model in your studious pose. Man-deer, you look great! (remember that word?) I laughed out loud about 'one messy floor, mwah ha ha ha'. I reaallyy need to get better at laughing at my life. I've been trying to decide if I over-react as a way of asserting my value. Maybe if I understood my own worth better, I wouldn't feel the need to make such a fuss when things don't go my way... it's an epiphany in progress. I'll let you know how it goes.